Linesheet Maker was started by a graphic designer who offered laying out linesheets as a service. He then built a list of several clients. After some time, these clients needed changes in price, image and other info on the sheets where he had to charge for change after change. After time feeling bad charging for these changes he then released the original PSD and AI files to the clients to hope that they can make the changes when needed. Some were able to make the changes, but the problem came about when they had no idea how to export the files as low res PDFs for email or even uploading them to a URL to share. The idea then was born to create a cloud based software where any brand can create linesheets themselves along with no knowledge of either Photoshop or Illustrator. Also giving them the option to resize and crop images easily without knowing nothing about image resolution. The idea was then refined for each brand or company to be able to store and easily access their linesheets whenever they need them as long as they have solid internet for 24/7 complete control access.

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